About Demo-Spel

Welcome to our Demo-Spel website!

We are a unique combination of a boardgamecafé and a boardgamestore! 

On the one hand we are a store that specializes in boardgames. We focus on qualitative boardgames for young and old, miniature games, card games like e.g. Magic: the Gathering, and so on. You can find it all in our store!

On the other hand, we are a boardgamecafé! Come in, have a drink and don't be surprised if we not only ask you what you want to drink but what game you would like to play as well! Our colleagues followed a barista-training, so we'll gladly serve you a delicious coffee but if you ask us for a 'Koekedam' you'll get a tasty beer! We will gladly show you around our cupboard of demo-games and, if we're able to, don't mind getting you started with the games' rules. 

Our calendar contains a rich array of activities and from Tuesday untill Saturday we are open untill 11 p.m.! On Sundays, you can visit us from 12 untill 6 p.m.

Feel free to check out our 'Sales'-corner or our cupboard with second-hand games. Who knows what treasures you might find! 

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We look forward to your visit! 

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