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Is your boardgame closet (overflowing and) ready for a big cleanup? Do you have some games you don't like to play (anymore)? Or your children have outgrown some of them? You can give your old, rarely played and/or unused card- and boardgames a new life via our store. 

You want to sell a game. How does it work? 
You bring your game to our store and can determine the asking price yourself, which we record in a contract. The game is then put up for sale in the second-hand section of our store. 

Lately, our second-hand section has been very popular. It is best to give us a call before you come to our store, to check if there is room for your games at that moment! 

What if your game was sold? 
You get store credit, linked to your customer loyalty card, in return. So, other players can enjoy your old games and you get to buy a fun, new game instead. Sounds like a win-win, right? When all of your games are sold, we will notify you by e-mail. 

What are the terms?
We ask our customers to only bring us games that are complete, in the original box and in good shape. Games that are not, won't be accepted. We don't accept puzzles, toys, and so on.


If other people can sell their second-hand games, that means that you can buy them of course! Games are brought in multiple times a week, so it's definitely worth it to regularly check out our second-hand section.

You want to buy a game. What does it cost?
You found a game you like in the second-hand section. The asking price for the game is marked on the box itself. Still unsure? Our colleague at the counter will gladly check the price for you. 

How can I pay? 
All our second-hand games can be paid with the usual paying methods: cash, payment by card, and so on. The good news? We also accept eco-cheques for second-hand games! 


Do you still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us, we will gladly answer them. 

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